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5 reasons your company should make the move to Apple Mac 

Some hate it, others love it – Apple, the leading technology company in the world. But why all the hype? For one, it’s the simple and clean designs. But it’s not just about the sleek look. There’s another reason- Apple aficionados aside – graphic designers, UX/UI designers, brand managers, and creative teams alike swear by Apple Macs.  

Why? It’s simple, it’s innovative and it’s high-performance. More and more businesses are deciding to switch from the ‘good old’ PC to one of Apple’s smart gadgets.  

Here are 5 reasons why your company should follow their lead. Discover how the most valuable brand could help your business to success in no time.  

Keep your data safe 

It’s a fact that macOS is less vulnerable to cyber-attacks than Windows. There are less viruses around for Mac users and they’re not targeted as much by hackers or cybercriminals. With the robust macOS operation system, built-in security features, and other controls available through Mobile Device Management, all files are encrypted, and business data is protected from malware.  

Although Macs offer a high level of security, they’re not untouchable. You’ll still need another layer of protection to ensure critical data is secured. Our team of Mac experts can help you build a lasting, robust, and efficient IT infrastructure with our managed IT solutions. 

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Run out of battery less often 

You’re in a hurry to leave the house in the morning to get to the office in time, and on your way in, you realise you forgot your charger. With a PC’s battery life, you probably wouldn’t get through the whole working day, not so with an Apple Mac. Macs offer a very long battery life span. In fact, the MacBook Air has an incredible battery life of 18 hours. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? So the next time you forget your charger, you won’t have to worry about running out of battery – you’ll easily get through two working days without having to charge your Mac.  

Integrate all your business apps  

Are you worried that switching to a Mac means giving up all your favourite applications? No need to fear. Apple allows you to integrate all the business apps you need to get your working day organised. From Microsoft Office apps like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook to the whole Microsoft 365 cloud environment including OneDrive, SharePoint and Calendars, or alternatively Google Workspace and other Google apps – all solutions integrate seamlessly with macOS.  

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Keep your device for years 

The modern and simple Mac design doesn’t just look good, it lasts too. Longevity is an important factor when buying a computer. Apple Macs are quite an investment initially. But in the long run, you can save on costly repairs and maintenance that you’d otherwise spend for a PC. MacBooks have a strong build quality and, therefore a longer lifespan than a PC. They’re known for their top-quality and high performance. According to the Forrester TEI Study, the Mac IT Support and operation costs are much lower as Mac users open fewer and more easily solvable service tickets. Plus, the built-in security features take away the need to buy additional security licenses needed to secure a PC.  

Work easily and more efficiently 

One of the biggest perks of using Apple Macs is the user experience. Users familiar with the Apple ecosystem and all its features usually never want to go back to a PC. MacBooks score highly with their user-friendliness. They’re very easy to use and intuitive, so working on big projects is already half the hassle. Working with a device that is much more user-friendly doesn’t just make users happy, it helps them to boost efficiency and productivity too.  

It’s not without reason that 84% of the world’s top innovative businesses, including IBM, SAP, and Target, use Mac devices. If you’re in the creative industry you need easy to use, reliable and efficient technology. Why not ensure your employees work with the tools they love? In turn, they’ll collaborate better, and it’ll give their productivity and creativity a boost.  

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