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5 Ways Flexible IT Support and the Cloud Can Benefit Your Business

Flexibility in business and taking advantage of the right technology for the right industry can produce a host of benefits. A business’s IT support is no exception, so here are five ways that a flexible IT support service can help you achieve prosperity for your business.

Scale more easily  

As your business grows your IT should follow suit. If your IT is inflexible, you won’t have the resources you need to meet your goals or meet the demand your business is generating. Similarly, if your business contracts and your IT can’t scale down with it, then you’ll have paid (potentially quite a lot) for capital you no longer have use for. 

Be more cost efficient    

Following on from this is the fact that with flexible IT, you only pay for the IT you need. When some months are quieter than others you can reduce your IT spend accordingly. Then with the more active months, you can spend just enough to meet demand, without having to fork out for say, a whole new server when you only need a little bit more space. 

Speed up time to market

This will depend on your industry but quite often, time is of the essence in any business. For example, in the creative industry, being too slow can lead to your competitors being the ones that “did X creative thing first”. If you want to jump on market opportunities , the quicker you have access to the IT you require, the more likely you’ll succeed over your competition. Flexible IT support lets you spin up IT resources much faster than if you only had what’s already in house. 

Jump on innovation opportunities more easily  

When your IT is flexible and offers all the remote services you need, yodon’t need to dig up your entire office and install new technology when that new technology becomes available. On top of that, you don’t need to expend any energy on keeping up to datwith technology developments. Your flexible IT provider will have it ready to deploy as soon as it becomes available   

Boost your productivity 

The Cloud and flexible IT support let your employees access the tools they need as soon as they need them. There’s no friction due to things like waiting ages for new hardware or acquiring new licences for programs. Flexible IT serves to remove as many barriers as possible between what needs to be done and what your team needs to get it done. 


At Rubicon ensuring flexibility and productivity for your business is our number one priority. From simple solutions like introducing you to great tools, to completely transforming your IT, our only goal is to help you do your jobs better.

Learn more about our flexible managed IT support here or get in touch to chat with a member of our team about your specific needs. 

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