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7 Ways to Improve The Performance of Your Mac Computers

At its best, getting creative should be a smooth experience. It can be quite jarring to run into slow speeds and buffering when you’re in the middle of the creative flow. And as you know, lost time means lost money and opportunities to delight your clients!

If you’re using Macs, you can get them to work at their best and squeeze the most value from them using simple steps. In this blog, we give you seven ways to improve the performance of your business’s Mac computers.

Stay Updated and Keep It Tidy

Keeping your Macs up-to-date is like giving it a regular health check. Don’t just update when you remember; make it a habit! This keeps your Mac running smoothly and securely. You can also use specialised Mac cleaning tools to sweep the digital cobwebs by getting rid of old files and unused apps.

Smarten Up Your Storage

In the creative world, ‘the bigger, the better’ often applies to files. But your Mac’s storage can only take so much. Audit your disk space to see where you can declutter. Using tools like Gemini 2 or DaisyDisk can help you spot the space hogs.

You can also offload seldom-used files securely to an external drive, or cloud services like iCloud or Google Drive can also be helpful solutions, but take care to ensure your cyber security and compliance are ensured too.

Tune-Up Your Cyber Security

If you’ve read our blog about the myths of MacOS security, you’ll know that your Macs are not immune to cyber threats! Performance isn’t just about speed, it’s also about keeping your Mac safe from threats. A malware-free Mac runs faster and smoother. Get good anti-malware software, like Malwarebytes for Mac, and keep your built-in security features like FileVault and firewall switched on and updated.

Check In On Your Network Connectivity

Nothing tests your patience like slow internet. If your Mac’s online speed is dragging, consider switching to a wired Ethernet connection for a faster, more reliable link. You can also use wireless networking scanning tools to dig out any causes for under-performance.

Upgrade Hardware Wisely

Especially if you have a Mac that has gathered a bit of dust over the years, an upgrade for a component like its RAM or SSD can do the trick if your Mac model allows it. Not sure what’s possible? A chat with a Mac expert can help!

Optimise Your Settings

Tweaking your Mac’s settings can lead to better performance. Trim down on startup applications to speed up boot times, and adjust your energy settings to find the right balance between performance and power savings. And for the creative apps, dive into their settings to get them running just right.

Professional Training and Ongoing Support

Sometimes, knowing how to use your Mac more effectively can be the best performance upgrade. Professional training can show your team the ins and outs, saving time and boosting productivity. Plus, having IT support on call means you’re never left struggling with tech issues.

Final Thoughts

Upping your Mac’s performance is all about combining regular maintenance with smart upgrades and effective software management. With these steps, your Macs will be more than ready to power through any creative challenge. And when in doubt, having a stellar IT support team ready to tackle the unique needs of your creative and marketing powerhouse in London and Hampshire is invaluable

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