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Mac or PC: Small Business Choice?

The reputation of the Apple Mac has changed over the years. Originally an ‘elite’ option for designers and affluent businesses, it’s now a highly popular choice not only for business of all sizes, but home users too.

As iPhones have become more powerful and more popular, so have Apple Macs. With business and home users demanding reliability, portability and power, the Mac is fast becoming the tech of choice for all industries. Originally favoured by creative industries – design, TV & film, fashion etc – by commuters (so light and small), and by those businesses in the computer software industry; all businesses are now considering them as an excellent alternatives to PCs and OS laptops.

So, Apple Mac or PC, which is best for your small business?

Firstly, cost

Apple’s MacBook Air, is around £1,000 a unit, MacBook Pro starts at almost £2,000 per unit, and the 27” iMac (desktop version) starts from £1,800.

PCs, start at a lower price, for example; Microsoft’s Surface Pro starts at £700, with the Laptop Go Notebook starting at £500.

If you’re looking for effective solutions on a smaller budget, PCs would be your best choice. But, if you do want to work with a hybrid-solution, to ensure your teams have the best solutions for their roles, a hybrid setup can be cost effective.

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