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It has been apparent for some time that Apple’s commitment to server solutions was waning but a recent announcement has finally made it clear that macOS Server is on an end of life pathway.

Apple’s announcement states that macOS Server is changing to “focus more on the management of computers, devices, and storage on your network”.   As a result, some changes are coming in how Server works.

What does this mean?+

A number of services will be deprecated and will be hidden on new installations of an update to macOS Server coming in spring 2018.  If you have already configured these services, you will still be able to use it in the spring update.

The deprecated services will be removed in a future release of macOS Server and Apple has recommended businesses and individuals whose networks are currently dependent on these services consider alternatives, including hosted services.

Services being shelved include calendar, contact, instant messaging and email servers. Also, we will see the demise of VPN, DHCP and DNS.   A full list of deprecated services can be found here.

Next Steps+

To discuss the impact of the impending changes for your business and what steps you can take, please contact your Account Manager or vCIO on 0800 007 3040

If you’re a Business PRO customer we will contact you directly to discuss the impact of this change on your business and the best options available to you.

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