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How Egnyte improves collaboration and productivity for remote working

Has having your employees working from home had any impact on collaboration and productivity? Working remotely comes with a few challenges, especially if you don’t have the right tools and technologies at hand and don’t know how to use them effectively. Collaboration between employees and productivity can take a hit if you don’t support your staff with the technology they need to exchange creative ideas and be productive. 

The file-sharing tool Egnyte can help your team – no matter where you work from – to boost creativity and productivity with the power of digital transformation.   

Here are 4 benefits that Egnyte offers your remote workforce:  

Easy access to files no matter where you’re working from 

Not being able to access the correct files, documents, or information that you need to get your work completed, can interfere with your workflow. If there are too many steps involved to locate the files you need to get your tasks done, it can slow down work processes and lead to wasted time. Egnyte makes locating and accessing your files incredibly easy and even takes out the step of connecting to your VPN. It combines on-premise file storage with cloud-based storage. So regardless of your location, whether you’re working in the office or are on the go, you can easily access your files without having to connect to a VPN.  

Your creativity won’t know any limits  

Especially in the creative industry, where teams work with large files, sharing files with your colleagues or editing them can be a hassle and slow down productivity when you’re working remotely. Egnyte makes it possible for your team to work on the same projects at the same time, both online and offline. You don’t have to worry about slow response times when you’re editing, reviewing or sharing the files you need thanks to Egnyte’s smart caching and fast synchronization, even when there’s less connectivity. Stop losing time on slow systems – start working better, smarter and faster now.  

Your favourite tools in one single place  

Imagine you could have all your favourite tools that you work with on a day-to-day basis in one place. Egnyte enables you to work with all the platforms you need to keep your workflow moving. You can seamlessly integrate third-party applications like Microsoft 365, Teams, Slack, Google Workspace, etc. in one place. This will help you to keep the work processes that you’re used to and maximize productivity by understanding how these tools can seamlessly work together. An additional benefit is that the Egnyte solution will make your workflow much smoother.  

Share your data securely   

Another challenge for remote working and external collaboration is keeping your work secure. Sharing files with co-workers and clients or third parties needs to be done carefully to make sure that sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. Egnyte allows you to manage who’s got access to which files and detect unusual file downloads or uncharacteristic user access. Advanced security controls and ransomware detection offer you visibility and helps your business to stay on top of things, maintaining a secure work environment.  

With the shift in increased remote working, it’s really important to look at how your business can give collaboration and productivity a boost, when working together is easier, it can help to keep up morale and encourage a healthy and positive work environment.  

If you’re in the creative industry and think the power-tool Egnyte could be the perfect fit for your business, chat to one of our experts to learn more about this out-of-the-box technology 

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