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  • VoIP Office Telephone Systems

    The ultimate phone system for the business of today

    Save money, improve your team’s productivity and much more by introducing VoIP telephone systems.

Voice over internet protocol is a telephone system that has its connection supported over the internet – as opposed to a physical ISDN line – and despite its modern allure, it’s actually been around for nearly 30 years. VoIP Office telephone systems are so much more than simply an alternative to your regular landline as they offer several benefits.

The benefits of VoIP office telephone systems

It can be a productivity boost

With advanced functions like easy call forwarding and CRM integration, your team can work smarter and more productively.

More scalability  

VoIP’s pay as you go, per user, per month pricing means that you can easily add and remove VoIP resources in line with your needs.

Increased flexibility

VoIP systems can be accessed by any user, on any device from any location. All that’s needed is a strong internet connection.

It’s usually more cost effective

Landlines require a serious hardware investment that needs to be paid upfront; usually a tough call for an SME.

call quality

Better call quality

Since it doesn’t rely on outdated physical wires, the sound quality is a lot clearer.

It’s also important to note that BT has announced that in 2025, ISDN lines many businesses have been using for decades will be retired. Finding an alternative to ISDN is therefore not just an opportunity to take advantage of new benefits, it’s a must!

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