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Cross-platform integration

The growing demand for Apple devices in the business and enterprise environment has been a difficult thing to ignore.

Your business may already have Mac user groups or individuals as part of your network, that have historically operated and supported themselves and now need to be brought into the IT fold.

Whitepaper download: Why you should consider running a cross-platform business

Bring your IT together

We are a leading cross-platform integration specialist in the UK. We have been advising and supporting customers on Apple and iOS integration for over a decade, and know what it takes to succeed in this space.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the Apple platform has helped organisations of all types develop and implement effective and forward-thinking cross-platform strategies, whilst ensuring business security and user experience is maintained.

Partnering only the best

As experts in cross-platform integration we partner with only best of breed technology providers to deliver the right solution for your business.

Our experienced consultants and technicians can help you optimise your existing infrastructure and provide your internal IT function. They’ll provide the tools, understanding and skills required to manage and support those working on iOS or Apple platforms.

Talk to us now for more information on our Cross-Platform Integration services.

Server & Storage+

Server solutions that meet your business needs

A server platform that fully supports and meets the needs of your Apple users and their specific workflow requirement is essential.

Our extensive Apple and cross platform experience means we’re best placed to provide consultancy and advice on the best fit server and storage solution for your individual business needs.

Typical areas we advise on include:

  • Server platform and integration
  • Storage speed and throughput
  • Security and compliance
  • User management and control
  • Network performance and protocols
  • Data management
  • Workflow management including fonts and assets

To talk to our experienced Apple and Microsoft consultants and technicians and find out how we can help, call us on 0800 007 3040.


Secure and manage Macs and mobile devices

Are you experiencing an increase in demand for Apple macs and devices in the workplace?

More and more businesses face the challenge of allowing workers to use their device of choice whilst maintaining user productivity and without compromising corporate security.

Our qualified consultants and technicians have over a decade of experience in helping customers to successfully implement cross platform and Apple solutions.

Our experienced team can advise you on how to securely deploy Apple Macs and mobile devices side by side with PCs using an on-premise Microsoft Active Directory and/or cloud-based identity and policy management infrastructure.

With centralised management your IT teams can:

  • Manage Mac, PC and mobile devices and users by leveraging existing tools, processes and training.
  • Deploy one centrally-managed identity for users with self-service and support for corporate and BYOD Macs and mobile devices.
  • Leverage one security and management infrastructure for Mac, mobile and Window users.

Our experienced team can advise you on:

  • Active Directory identity management
  • Single sign-on & group policy
  • Security certificate management
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Management of encrypted FileVault 2 disks
  • Single sign-on for centrally managed corporate SaaS

To find out more about how to manage Macs and iOS devices with Active Directory, call us on 0800 007 3040.

Patch Management+

Security and compliance for your networks

Unpatched systems can be a serious security liability that can leave your networks vulnerable.

We currently offer a comprehensive patch management service for physical and virtualised servers, workstations and laptops whether they be Mac or PC as part of our Business PRO managed IT support plan.

We provide a patch management solution that is affordable and easy to use yet offers comprehensive and reliable patching and reporting to match your business needs. Our system support Mac & PC security patch management, as well as a wide range of applications including Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec and Mozilla and more.

We’ll configure and optimise a patch schedule that deploys the patches you need, when you need them with minimal, if any, IT intervention.

The benefits of our patch management systems include:

  • easy-to-use
  • robust security
  • compliance assurance
  • Mac & PC inclusive
  • highly automated
  • tailored scanning and distribution schedules
  • dynamic grouping
  • remote worker support
  • affordable
  • minimal business disruption

To find out more about patch management and our Business-PRO managed IT support plan, call us on 0800 007 3040.

SCCM Integration+

Manage your Macs with SCCM

Our Apple qualified engineers and consultants can enable your business to manage your Mac computers in the same way as you do your PCs.

With Parallels Mac Management for SCCM we can help you to maximise your existing IT infrastructure and leverage your existing reporting, tools and processes to give you full and clear visibility of Macs and PCs, all under one pane of glass.

Manage Mac computers:

  • automatic and manual discovery and enrolment of Mac computers in SCCM
  • hardware and software inventory
  • deploy software patches or scripts
  • enforce compliance via OS X configuration profiles
  • application portal for Mac users
  • enable FileVault 2 full disk encryption
  • bare-metal OS X image deployment
  • remote assistance via VNC and SSH
  • compatible with OS X Yosemite

Manage Parallels Desktop:

  • deploy Parallels Desktop for Mac Enterprise edition and virtual machines
  • manage Parallels Desktop and virtual machine settings

To learn more about how you can manage your Macs like you do your PCs, watch the video below and call us on 0800 007 3040.