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Egnyte - Creative Industry

The perfect IT support services for Creative Agencies

The perfect IT support services for Creative Agencies. Egnyte your Agency!

Creative work is all about communication and collaboration: sharing ideas, giving feedback, creative brainstorming. With the switch to remote working, teamwork has become somewhat challenging: Working and collaborating efficiently and sharing pieces of work with clients or co-workers securely has created many headaches for businesses. Especially if creative agencies don’t get offered the right technologies and tools to work with, inventiveness and productivity can be highly limited. And when limited or unoptimised IT gets in the middle of all that, it makes the whole thing even more complex, especially if you have to deal with all that administrative IT hassle by yourself, rather than focusing on your work.

If you can’t afford to lose precious time on dealing with your IT and are still looking for ways to streamline your workflows, we have the perfect solution for you: Egnyte!

What is Egnyte? 

Egnyte is a cloud platform and collaboration tool that manages, shares and secures your enterprise content. It offers businesses smart and quick file sharing, mitigating risks while you manage large data volumes, securing sensitive data and ensuring you stay compliant with security regulations.

Egnyte is not any tool, it’s THE tool for creative industries to help boost their creativity and productivity through the magic of digital transformation.

How can Egnyte improve the creative flow?

When working remotely, creatives face several challenges. As creative work requires a lot of communication, collaboration, idea exchange and brainstorming, it can be a struggle if you have a distributed workforce. And on top of that come security issues when accessing and sharing sensitive data with clients or co-workers. Egnyte offers a solution to all of these problems:   


Egnyte allows you to easily connect with your whole team, no matter in which part of the world they are. Your entire team can collaborate through one workspace and seamlessly edit, review and assign tasks. Especially in the creative industry, giving feedback is a very important part of the creative process. If you don’t have the right tools to review and provide feedback, this can slow down and hinder your entire workflow.

Speed is another issue that creatives struggle with when it comes to sharing large multimedia files. Sharing or accessing high-resolution designs, videos, or images needs to happen fast and without issues, otherwise, it can create massive headaches and delay your working process. With Egnyte, you don’t have to worry about friction or slow response time when sharing large files with clients – Egnyte allows you to do so with ease.

Ease of use 

If you want your team to be productive and efficient, you need to offer them the right, and easy-to-use tools, to work with. Creatives work with several software and applications that are critical for them to get the job done. Egnyte allows you to integrate all your favourite applications, minimising disruption and helping you to work efficiently and increase your productivity.


Keeping data safe should be on top of our list at all times. Failing to protect your employees’ or clients’ data can get your business into a lot of trouble. Whether you access or share your data, you need to make sure this is done securely to stay compliant. Egnyte offers you visibility into your sensitive data and helps you manage user access to ensure it can only be accessed and shared by stakeholders. This allows you to protect your information and files from both external and internal threats.


Rubicon IT has partnered up with Egnyte to offer the creative industry a flexible, efficient, and secure cloud solution. If you can’t waste any more time on the hassle of IT administration and want to get your creative juices flowing, get in touch to speak to one of our Egnyte experts.

Egnyte your agency today!

Download this handy eBook to find out how you can overcome the challenges of remote working and give way to limitless creativity with Rubicon and Egnyte. With us, your IT and data is in safe hands.

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