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With our help, virtualisation will allow your business to address several of the key IT issues and challenges present today, such as security, compliance, efficiency and agility.

Reach unprecedented levels of growth and security

Over the past decade virtualisation has played a huge part in the evolution of the technological landscape. It’s allowed businesses of almost any size to better utilise their hardware, grow faster with more flexibility and ultimately boost their IT infrastructure to levels perhaps not possible before.

Choose the experts

However, the benefits of virtualisation will only be fully achieved if planned, managed and implemented correctly for your workflow.  At Rubicon, we have that expertise and experience.

By separating your software from your hardware and running multiple isolated operating systems and services on a single hardware platform, we can help you to:

• Eliminate over-provisioning and server utilisation
• Manage cloud migration for increase business agility
• Extend the life of your legacy applications
• Limit environmental impact by reducing IT hardware/power & space requirements
• Improve your disaster recovery readiness
• Increase your availability and up-time
• Reduce tie-ins & reliance
• Create templates to reduce provision time
• Reduce costs

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