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  • Who We Work With

    Rubicon IT provides expert IT support to many businesses, especially Mac users and the creative industry.

We pride ourselves in working with a diverse range of businesses in multiple locations and industries. Our team always takes the time to understand each company and their sector to provide the best bespokeservice possible.

Unlike other MSPs, we can support PC users and Mac users with an equal level of expertise. This means that if you’re in the creative industry where Macs are more commonly used, we’ve got the specialist knowledge you need.


Mac User IT Support

If you’re a Mac user or in the creative industry, you’re in luck! We’re experts

Mac users often struggle to find IT Support providers that specialise in Apple hardware and software. But we’ve been providing cross-platform support for decades. Our technicians understand the specific problems that Mac users face and can provide expert solutions quickly and effectively.

We’ve got the inside scoop when it comes to deploying Mac updates, troubleshooting software glitches and fixing hardware problems. You can trust that we know how to help.

Our expertise in Mac support means we’re a perfect fit for the creative industry

The creative industry includes any business that uses its resources to produce theatrical arts, design, or services and products with at its heart. Their work is often intricate and specialised, which means they usually require reliable and fast technology solutions which tend to be Apple technologies and Macs.

Rubicon IT has been supporting creative businesses in all forms for many
years. Whether it be design agencies, architecture firms, fashion, advertising, publishing, music and theatre, computer games or visual arts. We’ve got the training and expertise they need. We are passionate about enabling these businesses to thrive by ensuring their IT never holds them back from success. Instead, we work with our diverse and dynamic clients to optimise their IT for their specialisations, industries and goals.

Creative IT Support

We’re very proud of our client successes, some of which are featured here.

Please do get in touch regarding your requirements, we’d love the opportunity to delight you.

Start your IT Support Journey with Mac & Creative Experts.

Rubicon Client Successes

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Who else can we help

Anyone, really!
If you need business IT Support for your PC or Mac or any part of your IT infrastructure;
we’re fully equipped to help you out.

Our team are dedicated to understanding the individual needs of every company we work with.
That way, we can provide you with the support you need to achieve your business goals.

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