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Why you need Advanced Device Management with macOS

In today’s modern workplace, you can’t ignore the need for mobility as a business. With the shift to hybrid working, your employees need to be able to work from anywhere, at any time. Mobile devices offer us the flexibility to work in the office, on the go, or at home. We heavily rely on them to do our day-to-day tasks, access our applications and data online, schedule and attend meetings, and collaborate and communicate with our co-workers. However, along with the freedom and flexibility mobile devices offer, come increased security risks and a lot of IT hassleBut this is where Advanced Device Management (ADM) – the life-saver for IT admins – comes in.

Read on to learn why traditional Mobile Device Management isn’t enough in today’s hybrid work environment and how Advanced Device Management with macOS creates a secure, compliant and productive work environment – and takes the hassle out of managing your IT. 

What is Mobile Device Management?  

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software tool to secure and control mobile devicesIt helps IT departments to manage and control every business or personal device to ensure compliance, data protection and user productivity. With device management, your IT team can distribute and control security policies to devices accessing sensitive data. It also offers insight into device health and location and allows you to secure devices in case of theft or regulate which applications a user can download to their endpoint.  

With the increased demand for remote working over the last years, more and more businesses have adopted MDM to safeguard their data and networks and enhance their employees productivity and workflows.  

However, typical MDM tools lack essential capabilities such as highly secure and instant access to resources, comprehensive data protection and automation to manage your devices without any fuss. That’s why you need Advanced Device Management, which combines management, deployment and data protection capabilities in one single tool.  

Why does your business need Advanced Device Management?  

The modern working environment comes with endless challenges that simply can’t be tackled with traditional Mobile Device Management. You need a tool that goes way beyond just managing your macOS devices. Advanced Device Management is one unified solution that offers you complete and hassle-free management of your entire lifecycle without impacting user experience while also allowing you to secure, configure, deploy and inventory your devices. Managing, connecting and protecting your team has never been easier, or more efficient. 

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