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identity management

Why your business needs identity management (IAM)

Identity, access, and device management causes many headaches for SMEs, especially since Covid19 and the subsequent complications of implementing remote working solutions with minimal strategy and planning.

Since the 26th March 2020, the day we went into lockdown and underwent that panic-induced move to remote working, many companies haven’t found the time to go back and effectively strategize, and reimplement their remote working and access rights. For many, it’s fallen to the bottom of the to-do list

In 2022, many businesses are still providing hybrid workplaces, a few days in the office, and few days at home, some have even made the move to a fully remote workforce. However, your business working solution is allowing work to be undertaken, with hybrid solutions, the complexity of access and device management has increased.

With users working from various network provisions – the office, the train, the kitchen table, a coffee house – they rely on both on-premise resources and cloud solutions. Interchanging between their home/remote-work solution and office-work solution causes security issues, as does providing access rights to their office solutions and files from mobile devices and insecure networks.

Your IT team must ensure effective administration of your identity, access, and device management, and it has to be simple and seamless as your User Experience (UX) can be the make or break for employee retention. A recent study looking at macOS usage discovered that those employees provided with the freedom to take ownership of their tools achieved on average 22% higher in performance reviews than those without that freedom. It also found that those employees are then 17% more likely to stay at that company.

To ensure better security for hybrid and remote working solutions, effective security controls must be in place, and that means two-factor authentication (2FA); a double layer of security. Some businesses, depending on the data and the industry, may even choose to adopt 3FA. Two or three FA is easily managed with smartphones and even many laptops now. By providing fingerprint, face and password security levels, your data and your users’ access, is secure and simple.

With so many factors to consider, implement and manage for effective IAM – Identity, access, and device management – we at Rubicon offer an all-encompassing solution, providing an effective, proven access management system. Our preferred solution Jumpcloud, unifies IAM over any infrastructure, on any device, over any OS, in the cloud and supports Mac, Linux and Windows environments – a one-stop-shop solutions for all verticals.

The top benefits of IAM include:

  1. Easy access from anywhere at any time
  1. Effective device and application connectivity and administration
  1. Improved productivity, reducing access and connection times to your solutions means more time to be effective
  1. Improved UX. With a single ID for each user, passwords become redundant and access is simple and seamless
  1. Security is improved, with strong authentication and continuous analytical analysis that keeps data secure


Would you like your business to be more agile, more effective, and secure? An Identity Management solution will likely be the most effective answer.  

If you’d like to know more about the benefits your business could gain from implementing identity management through managed services, we’re happy to help, and can further define the changes an IAM solution, such as Jumpcloud could bring to your business. 

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