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Cyber Security

Ensure that cybersecurity is never a worry of yours again, with our skilled team of IT experts to handle all your business’ security needs. 

What Goals Are You Looking to Achieve?

With the explosion of cyber-attacks over the last few years, businesses are more at risk than ever before. The shift to a hybrid workplace and the increased adoption of cloud computing have left businesses more vulnerable to various cyber threats.

Having strong cybersecurity in place and using effective solutions is the only way to protect your business from external and internal cyber threats.

Response readiness?

Challenges may arise in developing effective incident response plans, coordinating responses across multiple stakeholders, and ensuring timely detection and containment of security breaches.

Digital collaboration?

Aiming to streamline processes and optimise your workflows can require thorough process mapping, employee training, and ongoing monitoring of efficiency metrics to stay on top of the latest threats.

Employee awareness?

Whilst trying to cultivate a strong cybersecurity culture amongst your team you may face limited engagement, difficulty in keeping up with evolving techniques, and the need for ongoing training and awareness programs.

Regulatory compliance?

Due to the complexity and evolving nature of compliance requirements, achieving this goal may require thorough assessment of regulatory obligations and collaboration with legal experts.

How can your business benefit from Rubicon’s cybersecurity solutions?

Our comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions will help you safeguard your business from both internal and external cyber threats.

Business continuity

Monitoring your systems continuously can help you mitigate risks and avoid damaging downtime in the future. Our cybersecurity solutions will help you respond to risks quickly, saving you time and keeping your operations up and running.


Being hit by a cyber-attack can seriously damage your reputation. Demonstrating to your clients that you do everything possible to secure their data helps to build a sense of trust and reliability. Show your customers that you care about them, and they can rely on you to protect their data.

Business resilience

Future-proof your business by protecting your data and systems from cybercriminals. A cyber-attack can cause your operations to come to a standstill, lowering your employees’ overall efficiency and productivity.


Keeping your data safe means staying compliant with GDPR regulations. Should sensitive employee or customer data get lost or stolen, you could face hefty financial fines. Our cybersecurity solutions will help you protect critical data and stay compliant.

Continuous support

In today’s IT world, being proactive is everything. We continuously control and monitor your IT infrastructure to prevent disasters before they happen. Our friendly and approachable team of cybersecurity experts is on hand 24/7 to quickly solve any security issues you might have.

Cost savings

The implications a cyber-attack can have on your business and your finances can threaten your entire company’s existence. Although investing in cybersecurity solutions might seem costly at first, it will save you a lot of money in the future, should you ever fall victim to a cyber-attack.

Experience that speaks volumes

Rubicon was born because we wanted to do things better. Our support services transform the relationship our customers have with their technology.

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First class disaster recovery consulting services

Avoid downtime

When your IT is down, your ability to make money is ruined. In fact, it costs between £65,000 and £83,000 on average per hour of downtime. And that doesn’t include the lost revenue from reputational damage or any legal issues that may arise.

Work more efficiently

Sometimes you need your data, and you need it quickly. Even if not having your data to hand isn’t costing you anything directly, no business wants to dent its efficiency with clunky backup and restoration processes.

Save money

Besides the lost revenue from downtime, getting up and running again can be seriously costly. With business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR), there’s minimal time, stress and money involved in getting back on track.

Deepen trust with your customers

When you can demonstrate to your customers and prospects that you’re taking backup and the protection of data seriously, their faith in you only gets stronger. This can lead to more business and upsell opportunities.

Business disaster recovery

What solutions are included within Rubicon’s cybersecurity services?

Ensure that cybersecurity is never a worry of yours again, with our skilled team of IT experts to handle all your business’ security needs. We offer a wide range of cybersecurity services that can be tailored to your specific business needs.

Our goal is to make IT – and cybersecurity – simple for you.

Monitoring & assessment

Penetration testing

Firewalls and anti-virus

24/7 support

Cybersecurity training

Endpoint encryption

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