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Modern Work

We ensure on-demand Cloud modifying services that provide high-performance and cost-efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes.

What Goals Are You Looking to Achieve?

Our aim is to ensure that your Cloud environment is designed around your business needs, and that it’s secure, reliable and efficient.

Work-life balance?

Aiming to create a balanced modern workplace can often lead to challenges in setting clear boundaries between work and personal life, managing flexible work arrangements, and maintaining productivity.

Cloud collaboration?

Overcoming the integration challenges that come with the Cloud may require careful evaluation of collaboration tools, training programs, and a change of management strategies.

Digital transformation?

As an SMB, your goal may be to embark on a digital transformation journey however challenges such as budget constraints, resistance from employees and technology alignment can halt the process.

Effective infrastructure?

Whether you're experiencing growth or need to adjust resources dynamically, you want Cloud solutions that offer scalable solutions, remote work capabilities and drive innovation.

How can IT Cloud Services benefit you?

With the power of IT Cloud Services that deliver efficiency, enhanced security and collaboration, the in-house team at Rubicon will transform your business.


With effective back-up and disaster recovery solutions from our industry leading partners, managed by our cyber security team, your cloud provisions will be protected by best-in-class security solutions.


Managed Cloud hosting and professional support deliver simple, agile remote working solutions. Just one of the many ways your business can ensure longevity and to stay ahead of the curve.

Save time

Access your files from anywhere with ease, at any time, from any location and, on any device. With Cloud Services all your files and programmes are available when you need them. Work is automatically saved and can be shared with those in your organisation and those not, all while being secure.

Tailored solutions

Cloud infrastructure designed for your business needs. A bespoke Cloud environment, built around your processes, services, apps and KPIs, will deliver efficiencies and save your team time.

Boost productivity

Collaboration is made super simple with the Cloud. You can host meetings for all staff and that regardless of their location, deliver files securely with just a URL, manage detailed and secure access to files and folders and work in real-time with colleagues. With efficient apps and Cloud Services, downtime is minimised, and productivity increased.


With fixed-billing, costs are always managed with no surprises and you can up and down scale your Cloud requirements in line with your business needs. With Cloud Services, physical equipment such as services, server rooms, and endless cabling is also no longer required, which is another cost saving.

Experience that speaks volumes

Rubicon was born because we wanted to do things better. Our support services transform the relationship our customers have with their technology.

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How can Cloud to Cloud Backup Solutions benefit you?

Easily scalable

No matter how much data you want to protect, Cloud to Cloud (C2C) backup can easily scale up or down accordingly. Provide flexibility in your solutions and be more reactive to business events – with less time needed for planning.

Stay ahead of the curve

Cloud to cloud backup is continually evolving and improving. This service stays up to date with the latest cyber threats, providing developments that could give you even more of an advantage over your competitors.

Boost productivity

With backups automated, timely and secure, you’ll release any resources that previously managed your backup processes and equipment, allowing them to focus on other projects and improvements.

Peace of mind

Most importantly, cloud to cloud backup will give you peace of mind. Contrary to popular belief, storage solutions like OneDrive, SharePoint, and Google Drive are not 100% reliable.

MAC Services

What solutions are included in Cloud Services?

If you need IT Cloud Services for your Mac and/or PC environment, the Rubicon IT team can help. Our Managed IT Cloud support packages include a range of Cloud solutions to help improve, streamline and secure your business. Ensure that your Cloud Services are never a worry of yours again, with our reliable team of IT professionals on hand, as and when you need them. Our goal is to make your Cloud environment simple for you.

Cloud Solutions management & monitoring


Managed hosting

Managed applications

Protection of your Cloud environment from threats

Hybrid solutions

Book Your Meeting with one of our Device Management Team

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We meet with you regularly and work with you to develop a roadmap that forecasts and then delivers on the businesses forward goals and demands.