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Device Management

Embrace the unprecedented scope of opportunity that flexible working brings, while ensuring that your organisation stays safe, with Rubicon.

The Rise of the Remote Workforce

In recent times, we have experienced a paradigm shift in the world of work.

Many have celebrated the newfound freedom from the daily grind of commuting and the constraints of traditional office hours. The rise of remote and hybrid work models has empowered employees, granting them greater autonomy to nurture a healthier work-life balance. This paradigm shift has not only altered the way we work but has reshaped the very landscape of employment, and it's poised to do so for the foreseeable future.

The era of being tethered to a desk for over 40 hours a week is now a relic of the past. Instead, workforces have been unshackled, liberated from the confines that once bound them. However, with this newfound liberation comes a shadowy presence that views this new work landscape as an unprecedented opportunity, albeit with much darker intentions.

Mac Device Management
Fileshare for Creative Businesses

The seismic shifts in the world of work demand that businesses adapt and evolve. While the advantages of a dispersed workforce are undeniable, they also bring inherent risks. When work-related devices venture beyond the secure confines of the office, they become vulnerable targets for cyberattacks. It is imperative for the well-being of your business that you take proactive measures to safeguard your devices against these malicious threats.

This is where Advanced Device Management solutions come into play. These solutions are your first line of defense in ensuring the security and integrity of your devices, whether they are in the office or out in the field. By implementing Apple Device Management Solutions, you not only protect your hardware but also gain peace of mind in a world where remote work is the new normal. Safeguarding your devices means safeguarding your business, making it a compelling and necessary investment in the ever-evolving work landscape.

How can IT Cloud Services benefit you?

Your devices are a prime target for cyber criminals, and this is only heightened with the mass adoption of the hybrid or remote working models. One way to ensure that your devices are protected against malicious threats is to employ device management.
By partnering with Rubicon, your devices are guaranteed:


Zero Touch deployment of macOS & iOS devices


Integration of new macOS devices with Apple Business Manager (previously DEP) and Integration of macOS devices with Apple Apps & Books (previously VPP (Volume Purchase Programme).

Centralised Management

Centralised management for deployment of apps, contents and configurations for consistency and security.

Centralised Network Management

Centralised management to ensure the consistent setup of configurations. For example: WiFi and network configurations, user restrictions, password.

Centralised Security Management

Centralised management to ensure the consistent setup of configurations. For example: WiFi and network configurations, user restrictions, password standards, email configurations, VPN access etc.

Easy Pre-Approved App Installation

Provide users with a “self-service kiosk” where they can download and installed pre-approved utilities and applications as a non-admin user.

Experience that speaks volumes

Rubicon was born because we wanted to do things better. Our support services transform the relationship our customers have with their technology.

Rubicon Offices jeremy

This means that all your work-related devices are set up swiftly, with no hassle, and are ensured round-the-clock protection

On top of this, at Rubicon we also:

Perform routine macOS upgrades

Perform routine application updates and patches

Perform existing user setups on new and existing workstations

Add business approved applications and utilities into the self-service kiosk

Manage monitor and maintain macOS preferences and application preferences

Create, manage and maintain the file sets (base macOS build, business apps and preferences)

MAC Services

With the increasing prominence of Apple in the business world, where over half of all companies opt for the integration of Apple Mac devices within their infrastructure, We offer a specialised Multiple Device Management (MDM) solution tailored specifically to manage and streamline our packaged services for Apple devices.

Our Mac Device Management Service:

Platform Management




Apple Business Manager

Apple Device Enrolment

Apple Apps + Books

OS Management




MacOS & iOS - Configure & Push Security Policies

MacOS & iOS - Configure and Push User Experience Policies

MacOS - Annual MacOS Upgrade - Approval Project

Annual MacOS Upgrade - Approval Project - UAT & Remote Deployment

Application Management




MacOS & iOS - Apple App Store Applications - Purchase and deploy (2)

MacOS - Manage and Deploy Apple App Store Apps - Direct & Self Service Portal

MacOS - Manage and Deploy Apple App Store Apps + Non Apple store apps - Direct & Self Service Portal

MacOS - Manage & Deploy Application Updates - Direct & Self Service Portal

MacOS - Deploy non Apple App Store Apps - Direct

Flat Rate Fee

Device & User Account Management




MacOS & iOS - Enroll New Devices (Add MDM Agent, Profiles etc & Distribution of Managed Apps) (3)

MacOS & iOS - Device Lock / Erase / Lost Mode

MacOS & iOS - New Device - Zero Touch Deployment - Managed Apple Apps & OS Management Policies - Remote (4)

MacOS & iOS - Device Decommission

MacOS - Setup a new or existing workstation - Remote (4)(1)

Flat Rate Fee

MacOS - Setup a new or existing workstation - Onsite (4)(1)

Flat Rate Fee

Flat Rate Fee

MacOS - Cloud Backup of User Accounts Files (30 Day Retention) (6)

Documentation & Process




Rubicon IT portal - Device Dashboard Access

Rubicon IT Portal - Monthly Asset Report

Rubicon IT Portal - Request Forms

Rubicon IT Portal - Request Forms + Customized Request Forms

1) Excludes the migration of user data.
2) VPP Apps will not be purchased using the clients stored payment method.
3) Subject to notification from the client and auto-enrolment onto the Business-Pro support plan.
4) Remote service only. the device must be associated with the ABM portal, powered on and connected to the internet.
5) Existing service and licensing must be in place.
6) Can include Users Desktop, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures & Documents folders.

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