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JumpCloud Directory as a Service

Improve your productivity, security and more.

Keeping on top of all your users, passwords and what they shouldn’t have access to can become an administrative and security nightmare. JumpCloud changes this by providing a comprehensive and flexible cloud directory platform. From one web page you can manage user identities and resource access, secure Mac, Windows, and Linux devices and get a full view of your environment.

What Benefits Does JumpCloud Offer?

With Egnyte’s enterprise file sharing services the hurdles that remote work presents are easily mitigated. Below are some of Egnyte’s key features and benefits.

Productivity and efficiency

Say goodbye to forgotten logins and being unable to access the tools you need. JumpCloud directory as a service will help your team get work done quicker, more easily and with less friction.

An optimum tool for the job

Since JumpCloud is cross-platform, provider agnostic and multi-protocol, it supports whatever tool your team needs. This means there’s no compromise over what tech your team uses, maximising your productivity.

Boost security

Through identity management, controlling user access and enabling multi-factor authentication, JumpCloud directory as a service can prevent the smartest of phishing attacks from breaching your security.

Control IT resources

Facilitate your IT team’s management of technology. By providing control, visibility and remote management resources, employees have access to what they need whilst technology remains monitored.

JumpCloud is just one piece of the IT puzzle

Whilst JumpCloud directory as a service can help your business improve on what it already does, without the IT basics in place, your operations won’t have much to improve upon. If you’re needing any other IT services, be that support, cyber security, etc. then click below to view our full range of IT solutions.

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