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IT Support Basingstoke

Based in Basingstoke, Rubicon enables and empowers creative businesses by harnessing technology.

What Goals Are You Looking to Achieve?

We are a IT support company based in Basingstoke England, Our aim is to ensure that your IT is stable, reliable and innovative so that your business can continue to thrive and grow. Our base of operations in Brunswick is filled with the best IT specialists in not just Basingstoke but all of Hampshire.

Consistent service?

Challenges may arise when facing a wide range of technical issues, varying client expectations, and the need to manage multiple support channels simultaneously.

Forward thinking?

Tackling day-to-date matters and focusing on your growth - can cause difficulty in maintain pace with forever advancing technology.

Strategic approach?

No longer should IT be a necessary evil for your business, a fixed expense that cannot show a continued return on investment.

Effective infrastructure?

Whether you're experiencing growth or need to adjust resources dynamically, you want IT support that offers scalable solutions, cloud-based technologies, and expert guidance.

How can our IT Support benefit you?

Local IT support company in Basingstoke, Our adept team of experts based in Basingstoke offers tailored solutions, from software glitches to hardware hiccups, all delivered with patient guidance to all of Hampshire not just Basingstoke. Armed with cutting-edge tools, we empower customers to proactively navigate the tech terrain.

Robust IT security

Keeping you and your clients’ data safe is our number one priority. Our comprehensive IT support solutions for Mac and PCs are designed to keep your business safe from even the most sophisticated of cyber threats.

Future-proof your business

The future can’t always be predicted, but the Rubicon team based in Basingstoke can help you be prepared no matter what happens. Working with an IT Support provider is the most effective way to ensure you have the right technology to keep your business going through anything.

Save time

When your IT is in safe hands you can spend less time worrying about your IT headaches, and more time focussing on what you do best. We’ll make sure that no technical issues are on your list to deal with.

Boost productivity

Outsourcing your IT support to a whole team of experts will ensure everything is running smoothly, so that you can work more efficiently. Everything from processes to task lists can be streamlined and automated so you have more capacity to deliver efficiently for your customers.

Tailored solutions

We know that your IT requirements will have to meet your specific business needs, that’s why we provide bespoke IT Support solutions for both Mac and PC environments. This way, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the most out of technology.


Our IT solutions are designed to help improve your business and, in turn, its profitability. With a fixed billing fee every month, you know exactly what you are paying for and what your technology solutions are there to do.

Experience that speaks volumes

Rubicon was born in Basingstoke, Hampshire because we wanted to do things better. Our support services transform the relationship our customers have with their technology.

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What can Rubicon IT offer you?

Making IT simple for you

We're dedicated to delivering top-tier IT support. Our commitment goes beyond immediate issues, empowering businesses across Basingstoke for future growth and challenges.

Bespoke IT support

Based in Basingstoke, Rubicon mirrors your uniqueness through our four-part process - Discover, Optimise, Nurture, Evolve (DONE) - delivering customized, top-quality services that echo Basingstoke's individual charm.

Putting you first

Nestled in Basingstoke, our focus is your success. With you as our priority, we're dedicated to optimising managed services and unleashing technology's potential.

Staying ahead of the curve

When technology is done right, your business can thrive. By adopting the latest technologies and enhancing your business, you’ll remain ahead of competitors and establish business resilience.

IT Consulting

What services are included within Managed IT Support?

If you're seeking IT Support services for your Mac and/or PC setup, count on us for assistance. Based in Basingstoke, our Managed IT Support packages encompass a spectrum of services aimed at enhancing and safeguarding your business. Bid farewell to IT concerns, as our dependable team of skilled IT professionals takes charge of all your technological needs. Our mission revolves around simplifying the world of IT for you, ensuring it remains a worry-free aspect of your operations.

Remote and onsite support

Liaising with third parties

Device management

Reliable IT service helpdesk

Licensing management

User onboarding and offboarding

Recurring monthly reporting

Patch management & auto backups

Basingstoke Riverways

About Basingstoke

Basingstoke is a vibrant market town located in Hampshire, England, known for its rich history and modern amenities. With origins dating back to the Saxon era, the town has evolved into a thriving community with a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary urban development.
One of Basingstoke’s notable features is its excellent transportation infrastructure, making it a key hub for business and commerce in the region. The town’s train station provides easy access to London, Southampton, and other major cities, making it an attractive destination for commuters. Basingstoke also boasts a diverse cultural scene, with theatres, museums, and art galleries, including The Anvil, a renowned concert hall that hosts a wide range of performances.
In recent years, Basingstoke has seen significant growth and urban regeneration, with modern shopping centres, housing developments, and recreational facilities enhancing the town’s appeal. Its picturesque parks, such as Eastrop Park and War Memorial Park, offer residents and visitors a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Basingstoke’s unique blend of history, accessibility, and contemporary amenities make it a dynamic and inviting place to live and explore.

Where can you find us?

Unit 10, Campbell Court, Bramley,
Basingstoke RG26 5EG

0800 007 3040

Book Your Meeting with one of our Device Management Team

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We meet with you regularly and work with you to develop a roadmap that forecasts and then delivers on the businesses forward goals and demands.