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Business macOS Cyber Security Best Practices

Macs are lauded for their robust built-in security features, but as we discussed in our article on macOS security myths, they are not foolproof. As more workplaces, particularly those working in creative industries like film, television and media adopt Macs, they will also become a more lucrative type of target for malicious cyber actors. No device is immune, but you can implement many of these cyber security best practices to boost the security of your Mac devices. Let’s get into it!


Prioritise OS Updates

It’s certainly tempting to postpone updates during a busy workday, but they can be critical, and some of them are released urgently to address crucial vulnerabilities. Take care to have these updates promptly rolled out in your business; this could be done manually, or by using a patch management solution that can streamline and automate updating for you.

Enable FileVault FileVault is macOS’s built-in encryption tool, one that is invaluable for business security. FileVault encrypts your Mac’s hard drive which will help to ensure the data in it remains secure even if a malicious actor has managed to gain access to a Mac’s hard drive. Ensuring files remain secure from prying eyes is a key tenet of cyber security and is essential for maintaining the trust of your clients. It’s also crucial for gaining TPN and Cyber Essentials certification, which are both valuable forms of social proof in today’s cyber landscape.


Use Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is another integral macOS security feature. It restricts the apps that can be opened on a Mac and can be used to ensure that only apps from recognised developers or the Apple App Store are launched on your devices. This is a great way of minimising the risk of inadvertently installing malware on your Mac devices.


Limit User Permissions

Not every user needs administrative privileges. By assigning roles and permissions judiciously, you will limit potential avenues of attack. If malware does find its way onto a Mac, limited user permissions can prevent it from gaining the system-level access it might seek.


Establish a Regular Backup Routine

You can use tools like Time Machine or a cloud solution to back up the data on your Mac devices, ensuring that whether the data is lost due to a hardware failure or cyber-attack, it can be recovered promptly. Take care to configure the backups to be frequent, and ideally automated, to ensure that if they are needed, you can reliably recover a recent backup.


Employ a Comprehensive Antivirus Solution

While macOS does have built-in malware detection tools, it’s prudent to bolster this with a comprehensive antivirus solution tailored for business environments. These solutions offer real-time protection, regular scans, and often come with additional features that are suited for enterprise needs.


Educate Employees

The importance of cyber security for people is platform-agnostic! Regardless of the technology being used, people are often the weakest link in an organisation’s cyber security defences. Take the time to educate users about cyber security best practices for passwords, multi-factor authentication, and device usage. Critically, ensure that your users are educated about how to identify phishing attacks and how to address them safely and effectively.


Secure Network Connections

Another platform-agnostic best practice is just to take care to ensure that connectivity remains secure, as it is possible for cyber threats to intercept unsecure communications. If some of your team work remotely, or like to work on-the-go, a VPN can be a useful solution to ensure that data from their devices is communicated securely. If you haven’t already, implementing a network firewall will also go a long way in enhancing the security of your devices and network.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA provides an invaluable extra line of defence in cases where a user’s login credentials are compromised. Ensure that your users use MFA to login to their Mac devices and the applications that you use, where possible. A Single Sign-On (SSO) solution can also be helpful for getting the best out of security and convenience for your business.


Regularly Review Installed Software

Over time, software can become outdated, or employees might install unnecessary applications. Take care to periodically review and clean up installed software, removing anything that’s not required. This reduces potential vulnerabilities and ensures that all software is up-to-date and patched.



For cyber threat actors there are no operating systems or device types that are off limits. As the presence of Mac devices grow in the market as a solution for businesses to use, there will always be more exploits and security vulnerabilities that will come to light. But so too are the solutions! By taking care to implement these measures, you can ensure that your Mac devices enjoy top-notch security that minimises the chance of cyber-attacks and data breaches causing harm to your business and clients.


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