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Egnyte for the creative industry

Simplifying data governance with Egnyte

Egnyte – how it simplifies data governance and why your business needs it 

Are you in the creative industry and want to speed up your workflow?

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way for your employees to collaborate across distributed teams, Egnyte takes your methods of working up a notch, or two.  

Egnyte is the superhero amongst backup service tools, and with good reason! This platform is incredibly versatile, combining different out-of-the-box features, offering your team flexible ways of working while keeping your data safe, and helping your business to stay compliant.  

Here is what the filesharing system and backup tool has got to offer: 

Collaborate seamlessly in the Cloud

Egnyte lets your employees access, share, and edit their work seamlessly through a central workspace via any device, whether you’re working from home or in the officeAnd better yet, you don’t even have to worry about slow downloads or response times when working with large multimedia files. Files get synchronized in real-time, meaning you can work smoothly across distributed teams without having to worry about bandwidth or file access problems.  

Increase productivity  

Egnyte doesn’t just help you protect sensitive data; it also allows you to locate it to make sure it’s only accessible to certain users, or can only be shared by those who have the correct permissions. This will make your life much easier, and you won’t have to waste hours on finding or editing files. It’ll help you to keep your creative juices flowing without having to deal with any interruptions when you can’t afford to get distracted or lose your train of thought. No distractions will mean you’re able to spend more time focusing on your business and therefore increase productivity.  

Manage your data wisely

By automating tasks with embedded AI archiving, deleting, and retaining data, you can avoid content sprawl, storage costs, data breaches, and legal implicationsInstead of going through this process manually, Egnyte automatically synchronises your fileshelps to increase visibility and free up resources that manage your content lifecycle. Don’t waste valuable time on administration, and instead focus on more complex tasks that need to be done manually. Egnyte helps you to reduce time spent on file administration by an impressive 40%. 

Protect your data from cybercriminals  

Egnyte provides useful dashboards helping you to identify how exposed you are to risk. As Egnyte monitors your data constantly, it immediately detects cyber threats like ransomware or internal threats, and helps you to reduce the risk of attack in advance. If anything happens, you can easily restore your files at any time which is vital, especially when working on large projects over an extended periodEgnyte also helps you to increase your business data environment security by 50%.  

Rubicon IT has partnered up with Egnyte to take data governance, cloud security and ways of collaborative working to another level. If you are in the creative industry and cannot afford to lose time on unnecessary and complex processes, managing your data wisely is imperative.  

Up your content game today and download our handy eBook to find out how you can overcome the challenges of remote working and give way to limitless creativity with Egnyte. With us, your IT and data is in safe hands. 

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