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Top Video Editing Software for Creative Businesses

So you’re a creative agency looking to craft captivating, viral-worthy videos? Look no further! We’ve created this guide just for you. There’s a plethora of options on the video editing software market that can make it hard to choose the best software for your business. From seamlessly creating fine cuts and visual effects to finalising a high-quality video that attracts and keeps eyes on your content. With these softwares, you can enrich your video content creation efforts from start to finish.

In this piece, we’ll explore some of the best video editing software on the market and outline some of their key features for your business.

Adobe Premiere Pro

For a complete all-round video editing solution, Adobe’s Premiere Pro reigns supreme in the video editing marketplace. This powerhouse software provides a seamless workflow that offers value at each step, from importing raw footage to the exporting of your final masterpiece.

Its intuitive interface makes for a smooth editing experience for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, whilst its suite of advanced features gives video creators the powerful digital gadgets that they need to create compelling content.

The timeline-based editing format empowers creators to craft a narrative with precision and flexibility, with effects and transitions that breathe life into your visuals. Being part of the Adobe family, it also integrates with After Effects and Photoshop, making Premier Pro a bastion for better video editing solutions.

While powerful, like all software, Adobe Premiere Pro has its cons.

One key con is that it is pricier compared to other solutions, at £19.97 per month, it somewhat punches above other video editing softwares, but for its full spectrum of features this is acceptable to many businesses. Looking elsewhere, it is relatively resource-intense and requires a decent computer to run, while some may see its interface as a little less sleek and appealing compared to some other video editing software.

For creative businesses that like the feel of Premier Pro’s interface and that want to tap into its comprehensive features, Premiere Pro can prove to be a reliable and complementary solution.

Adobe Premiere Pro



Final Cut Pro X

For those immersed in the Apple ecosystem, Final Cut Pro X is a go-to choice. Designed exclusively for Mac users, this top-tier software offers a smooth and optimised editing experience. Its magnetic timeline facilitates effortless clip arrangement, while the multicam editing feature streamlines handling multiple camera angles.

Final Cut Pro X’s real-time performance allows you to edit 4K videos with ease. Its sleek user interface and intelligent organisation tools offer an enhanced workflow experience that makes video editing a delight. With its seamless integration across Apple devices, you can switch from a Mac to an iPad or iPhone and continue editing without missing a beat.

On the downside, businesses that do not use Macs will never be able to touch Final Cut Pro X, and like Adobe Premier Pro, it is resource intensive and requires a fairly powerful computer to run it smoothly. For a business, its relative lack of collaboration tools leaves something to be desired, and with a relative lack of integrability with other platforms and software, its potential to offer more value is also stifled.

In all, Apple Final Cut Pro X is a powerful and elegant video editing solution. For businesses that can afford to overlook its limitations, this software could still prove to be a fortuitous match.

Final Cut Pro X

DaVinci Resolve

From its humble roots as a colour-grading solution, DaVinci Resolve has evolved into a comprehensive video editing solution that is known for its enchanting user experience.

Honouring its roots, DaVinci Resolve’s advanced colour grading tools provide a panacea of features for artists and filmmakers, while its integration with Fusion and its Farlight Audio engine provides an industry-leading audio and motion effects editing experience. Unlike Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve is compatible with Windows and Linux, as well as MacOS. With DaVinci Resolve, creators can edit videos with a sense of magic.

On the downside, for those who aren’t used to it, Davinci Resolve’s interface may need some getting used to. The resource requirements for accessing Resolve’s magic are also hefty, it is even more resource-intensive than Adobe Premier Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X! Operationally, while it does support various file formats, its worth checking if it can support files from your current video editing software. Another downside is that it supports relatively less app integrations compared to other mainstream video editing software.

DaVinci Resolve

Avid Media Composer

A trusted tool among many Hollywood professionals, Avid Media composer is one of the industry leaders in video editing software, offering unparalleled control and precision for the perfect final cuts.

As a specialised industry solution, it also offers robust collaboration tools which are great for team projects. With its integration with the SRT protocol, ‘over the shoulder’ collaboration is possible through streaming clips and videos in real time to any device in any location. Renowned for its stability and reliability, Media Composer has earned its place as a favourite in film and television circles. Embrace the power of Avid and take your creative business to new heights with this Hollywood-standard editing suite.

For those transitioning from other video editing software, Avid Media Composer is known to have a relatively steep learning curve. For businesses seeking to leverage the software’s collaboration capabilities, the pricing can also be rather steep at $49.99 per month, per user.

In terms of its user experience, some find Avid Media Composer’s interface to be less fluid compared to other solutions on the market, while its slower development cycle compared to other software may mean dealing with any bugs and problems for longer compared to other solutions.

Overall, Avid Media Composer offers a powerful platform for precise, comprehensive and collaboration-friendly video editing tools that can deliver a cinematic experience. For those in the film industry, this software is worth a second look.

Avid Media Composer

Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro offers a high-performance solution that doesn’t break the bank. Compared to other video editing products, it’s premium Vegas Post 365 solution offers a comprehensive set of tools for £17.19 per month.

Vegas Pro’s intuitive drag and drop interface simplifies editing abilities, complementing its sophisticated 8k-supporting video editing tools. What’s more, its Sound Forge audio tools offer a fine combination that ensures your videos sound as good as they look. Another impressive feature of Sony Vegas Pro is its scripting and automation tools that eliminate repetitive tasks, a boon for many creatives!

Vegas Pro’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies editing, while its extensive audio editing capabilities ensure your videos sound as good as they look. Supporting 4K editing and 360-degree videos, this software keeps you ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry. Sony Vegas Pro proves that you don’t need a Hollywood budget to create cinematic masterpieces.

As to its downsides, while Vegas Pro is an accessible tool, its more advanced features may present a learning curve for those moving to this software from elsewhere. As of the time of writing, it also does not support MacOS. It does have a few other key limitations, including a relatively smaller media library and less advanced video editing features such as motion effect tools, compared to other mainstream solutions.

In all, for creative businesses seeking a budget-friendly, intuitive and sufficiently sophisticated video editing solution, that is designed with Windows-users in mind, this could be a great choice to start with.

Sony Vegas Pro


As you journey through the realm of video editing, it’s essential to have the right tools that cater to your needs, clients and context. Each of these video editing tools comes with their own interface, specialisms and pricing. For video editors, a key part to an excellent solution is one that they enjoy working with, that also offers a sophisticated enough toolkit for the work at hand.

We suggest going ahead and giving these tools a spin with a free trial to get a tangible sense of how they can work for your business. With the right choice, your creative business can find and leverage game-changing tools that deliver captivating, crowd-pleasing videos that lead the market.

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