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The Best IT Support Company in Basingstoke

“We have no hesitation recommending Rubicon to anyone – at last we feel our IT is in expert hands”


Businesses of all sizes rely on IT infrastructure to operate efficiently and securely. However, IT systems and infrastructure are complex and require technical knowledge to tap into the full power of technology; this is where a professional MSP, or Managed Services provider comes into the picture to deliver game-changing solutions.

With a technology partner, businesses can optimise their productivity, leverage technology to drive strategic growth, and ensure continuous cybersecurity and compliance. Founded in 2003 in Basingstoke, Rubicon IT has emerged as a market-leading provider of IT support services to businesses around the UK, especially in our local area of Basingstoke, as well as in London, Hampshire, and Bramley.

At Rubicon IT, we are passionate about helping our clients to unburden themselves from the stress of managing their technology whilst helping them to drive profitable growth. We offer a full range of solutions that help a range of businesses to get the best from their IT, in this blog, we will discuss why Rubicon IT should be your top choice for your business’s IT Support provider in Bramley and Basingstoke.

Offering Exceptional Service Level Performance, Transparently

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We want the results to speak for themselves! These SLP stats are displayed live on our website. Why? Because we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, accountable performance to our clients. Our customer satisfaction rating of 4.9/5 showcases our commitment to our clients whom we are passionate about serving.

Specialists in PC and Mac IT Support Services

A unique feature of Rubicon IT is our dual specialism in Mac and PC support. For this reason, we attract a range of clients who entrust us with their IT infrastructure; ranging from businesses in creative industries such as media, film, architecture and television, to public sector organisations and businesses in the services industries.

Whether your business operates using Windows and Apple devices, and uses them in an on-premises, hybrid, or remote setting, Rubicon IT can offer the holistic, specialised support that you need.

A Comprehensive Range of IT Support Services

What sets Rubicon IT apart from many other IT support providers, is our comprehensive range of services that offer end-to-end solutions. In a nutshell, we offer a full range of services to simplify and empower your IT to deliver the best for your business.

Our services include:

  • Managed IT Services – Rubicon IT offers proactive monitoring, maintenance, and management of IT systems to ensure optimal performance and minimise downtime.
  • Help Desk Support – Our responsive help desk support team is available to assist clients with any IT-related issues promptly and efficiently, providing quick resolutions and minimising disruptions.
  • Cyber Security – We understand the immense importance of protecting businesses from cybersecurity threats. We can implement robust security measures to safeguard networks, data, and sensitive information, helping your business to remain secure and compliant.
  • Cloud Services – Leveraging the power of the cloud, we help businesses to migrate, manage, and optimise their cloud infrastructure, enhancing scalability and accessibility while reducing costs.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Recognising the criticality of data backup and recovery, we implement reliable solutions to safeguard business continuity in the event of data loss or system failure.
  • IT Consultancy & Projects – IT strategy and projects can be complex and often fail to deliver on their goals. At Rubicon IT, we help businesses to deliver IT projects and IT strategies that drive profitable value, in a seamless and holistic way.

Proactive Approach to IT Support

Rubicon IT take a proactive approach, meaning that unlike some IT support providers, we will take the time to address risks and potential issues before they can cause disruptions. With proactive monitoring and maintenance, your business can operate seamlessly and securely, enabling you to deliver value to your customers with peak-performance IT infrastructure.

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Holistic and Tailorable IT Support

We offer tailored support that is flexible to the needs of businesses. Whether you’re just looking for supplementary support, a full managed IT solution, a remote work solution, or need help with an IT project, Rubicon IT can craft a cost-effective solution that delivers value within your budget.

Widely Accredited Technology Partners

We have a wide list of certifications and partners that enable us to deliver a range of tailored solutions. Our partners include Apple, Microsoft, Google, Parsec, JumpCloud, Egnyte, and Cisco, among many others.

If you’re looking for an IT support provider that can offer a breadth and depth of solutions, get in touch with us to find out how we can deliver crafted, invaluable technology solutions for your business.

IT Support That Makes The Difference: Choose Rubicon IT in Basingstoke

Elevate your business in Basingstoke with exceptional IT support from Rubicon IT.

In the realm of IT support, especially in Basingstoke, Bramley, and beyond, Rubicon IT proudly stands out as the top choice. We take the lead, committed to ensuring that your IT infrastructure not only meets the demands of today but also lays the foundation for your future aspirations, particularly in Basingstoke. Our dedication to providing cybersecurity, management, and cutting-edge technology solutions that can elevate your daily operations and align with your strategic objectives distinguishes us as the preferred IT partner in Basingstoke.

We take great pride in being your proactive and friendly IT support partners, continuously working towards crafting tailored solutions that perfectly match your unique needs and business goals. By choosing Rubicon IT for your Basingstoke-based IT needs, you can have confidence that your IT requirements are in capable hands. Ready to embark on this journey of IT excellence in Basingstoke? Reach out to us today, and we’re more than prepared to assist you!