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Apple release macOS 12.0 Monterey – Monday 25th October.

macOS 12.0 Monterey is the newest version of macOS and includes a host of OS and application improvements.

Upgrading your business workstations right away can cause problems, so what should you do?

Don't upgrade to Monterey - just yet!+

We understand you’re keen to have the latest and greatest but Monterey, like previous major mac OS upgrades are not something we recommend you install right away. As always, the changes Apple make may not be compatible with your current business applications, utilities or workflows right out of the box!

When should we update?+

The best practice is to wait a few months or until the .3 update of the macOS has been released before you upgrade.  With this in mind and as a precaution all the mac workstations we support as part of our Business-PRO support plan have been blocked from running this update.

Still determined to upgrade straight away? Then get in touch to discuss the best way forward to ensure your upgrade is a success.

If you’re one of our Business-PRO clients with our optional Advanced Device Management package you can relax – we’ll be testing macOS Monterey for you and updating your workstations in early 2022.

Don’t have Advanced Device Management in place? For our Business-PRO clients, we offer a Flat Rate fee to upgrade.  You can request an upgrade from the Rubicon IT Support app or the Rubicon IT Support Portal.


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